Product description



  • Up to 41dB Rw 'through' frame on a 50mm mullion
  • Ease of installation
  • Wide range of base materials
  • Custom dimensions and shapes


SIDERISE mullion/transom inserts comprise a range of specialist material components intended to improve the sound insulation performance of lightweight hollow framed facades or glazed areas.

Whilst the inserts may be employed for the purpose of improving the sound transmission characteristics of the building envelope, for example outside to inside performance, they are more commonly used to assist in reducing flanking transmission between adjacent internal areas. This includes ‘room to room’ and ‘floor to floor’ flanking sound transmission.

Specific optimal solutions have been developed for each of the common conditions encountered in curtain wall constructions. The design of the appropriate insert considers, not only the acoustic performance, but also ease and practicality of installation.

In house manufacturing techniques such as CNC/die cutting or routing enables an accurate tailored fit within the particular hollow frame element.

Note: This product was previously known as Lamaphon mullion/transom inserts.