Product description



Elegant all-glass façade with low thermal transmittance to passive house standard as well as large units with triple or double glazing – solutions for the building envelope, which are high-quality in terms of both architecture and technology.


The profiles that are only visible on the inside lend the external façade a flush-fitted all-glass look with slender joints. Highly thermally insulated isolators, pre-fillers and triple insulating glass ensure very low Ucw values up to passive house standard.


The system also allows the façades to be designed in a semi-structural glazing look.


The Schueco AWS 114, AWS 114 SG, AWS 114.SI and AWS 114 SG.SI insert units fit seamlessly with the appearance of the all-glass façade. They can be operated manually or with Schueco TipTronic as outward-opening projected top-hung windows or parallel-opening windows.





  • Specially developed, stainless steel spacers which can be processed by machine for airtight edge seal
  • Highly thermally insulated SI isolators as well as pre-fillers for very good thermal insulation
  • Aluminium spacers for low to medium thermal insulation requirements


  • Integration of Schueco AWS 114 as projected top-hung window or parallel-opening window: possibility of large automated window solutions incorporated in the building management system for standard and SHEVS applications


  • Tested as suitable for safety barrier loading with slimline stainless steel retaining clips, aluminium retaining clips and clip rosettes
  • RC 2 burglar resistance

Enhanced function

  • Structural glazing façade for double and triple glazing with maximum glass dimensions (W x H) of 2600 mm x 4200 mm (in accordance with general building authority approval); glass thicknesses of 32 mm to 64 mm; pane weights up to 650 kg possible with new cruciform glazing supports
  • Plastic pocket profile as cost-efficient alternative to fixing cleat