Product description

Energy-efficient, resource-conserving alternative to standard infill units – perfect for new constructions and energy-efficient building renovation.


Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in Schueco window and façade systems as well as skylights use the building envelope for solar electricity generation. This transforms buildings equipped with BIPV modules from energy consumers into energy producers. The modules are custom-built to architect specifications with individual design in terms of shape, colour and visual structure


In addition to solar energy generation, the BIPV modules also have comfort and safety functions, such as thermal insulation, weather protection and sound reduction. Schueco offers a flexible complete system for the building envelope as an energy-efficient, resource-conserving alternative to standard infill units – perfect for new constructions or energy-efficient building renovation.

System matrix:

  • FW 50+/ FW 60+
  • SCC 50/60
  • AOC 50/60/75
  • ERC 50
  • SFC 85 type C
  • TopSky 1+2 without hinge
  • Brise Soleil ALB 650
  • ALB AG only with project-specific approval
  • USC 65
  • UCC 65
  • ADS
  • AWS 60/65 fixed light
  • AWS 70/75 fixed light
  • AWS 90 fixed light
  • AWS 112 fixed light

Schueco special BIPV





  • Energy efficiency and the sustainable conservation of resources in one system
  • Regenerative electricity generation combined with safety and comfort functions for the building envelope
  • Solar energy transmittance (g values) from 15 % to 44 %


  • Black cell connectors, black foil and coloured cells for a a varied opaque appearance or a semi-transparent BIPV module look
  • Variety of inside and outside views can be designed
  • The size, format and construction of BIPV modules is flexible: with a single pane of glass, laminated glass as well as variants with triple insulating glass or safety glass
  • Different crystal structures: polycrystalline cells with iridescent structure, monocrystalline cells with uniform surface


  • BIPV modules in Schueco quality: visually and electrically tested in accordance with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730
  • General building authority approval as laminated safety glass

Enhanced functions

  • Custom-built BIPV modules: rich variety of combinations of modern solar energy uses with individual architecture
  • Broad spectrum of use: ventilated façades, ventilated / non-ventilated façades, non-ventilated façades, skylight constructions, canopies, solar shading, balconies, conservatories



  • System-compatible, fully tested solutions from a single source
  • Standardised installation and fixing of components: time and cost-efficient fabrication