Product description

Fire stopping at linear joints within wall cavities and voids is crucial for reducing the spread of flames and smoke. FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal is designed to accommodate structural movement in these areas whilst maintaining fire performance and acoustic properties of walls. 


The ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range is comprehensively designed for fire protection and fire stopping products. FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal is made up of products specifically designed to create linear joint seals in buildings where movement is a factor in the design.

FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal comprises low density stone wool mineral wool insulation, SoftSeal batt, pre-coated with SoftSeal Flexible Coating. It is designed for installation horizontally or vertically and can be applied to linear joint widths up to 300mm§. Where masonry walls finish below a suspended ceiling height there is significant risk of spread of flames and smoke, in addition to noise travelling between rooms day to day. FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal can be used as a ‘head-of-wall’ barrier to extend the fire resistance and acoustic performance properties of the walls.

FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal has been tested to BS EN1366-4 and has been proven to provide up to 4 hours’ fire performance (E240 & EI80). It has also been assessed for its movement capabilities, tested to accommodate movement, expansion and contraction, of +/- 25%.



CE Marked


  • Easy to apply – designed for specifically for linear joints.
  • Save time on-site – easy to handle and install, for fast and effective fire stopping.
  • A sound choice – the FIREPRO® SoftSeal Linear Joint Seal is acoustically absorbent, preventing noise transfer through penetrations and linear joints in walls, ceilings, roofs and floors.
  • Stringent testing – tested for durability to current EU guidelines, it is assured that FIREPRO® Softseal Linear Joint Seal has the most robust fire stopping properties.
  • Supplied pre-coated for ease of application, saving valuable time and money.