Product description

Designed for use with glass spandrel panels in curtain walling and bespoke glazing systems, SIDERISE ‘Nexus Fusion’ provides specifiers with a high strength, robust insulation core that offers an unequalled combination of fire, thermal and acoustic performance.


SIDERISE Nexus Fusion (previously Lamatherm Nexus NXS) spandrel insulation is a robust European Fireclass A1 lamella board that meets the performance requirements of curtain walling systems replacing the use of compressible or combustible insulating materials. Launched today at FIREX 2018, The product will be featured on stand A196 at Firex International from 19th to 21st June at Excel in London.


Through precision manufacturing and tight tolerances, Nexus Fusion comprises high strength stonewall lamella with a uniform vertical fibre structure – this unique feature means that Nexus Fusion boards can be fitted avoiding the risk of slippage due to building movement, and without gaps or slumping of the insulation.


Being inherently ‘non-combustible’, mechanically strong and dimensionally stable, SIDERISE Nexus Fusion spandrel insulation provides the best possible consideration for maintaining the systems fire integrity at the junction between the building structure and the curtain wall. However, the actual fire resistance achieved will remain primarily dependent on the curtain wall or frame specification.


Tested as part of a curtain wall assembly to EN1364-3 in Fire Rated Façades for 30 minutes without failure, Fusion boards tested in their end use application have been rated as European Fireclass A1. Available in a range of standard thicknesses between 20mm and 200mm, the product is foil faced on one side with an open filament net on the other side to facilitate bonding to glass. This negates the need for pins and washers, simplifying installation and reducing costs.


William McDowell Business Development and Product Manager of SIDERISE said:  “Nexus Fusion will ensure the integrity of the interface between the insulation and the firestop is not compromised and effective compartmentation is maintained. Our firesafe solution eliminates the costly option of creating a bespoke metal tray lining system.”


SIDERISE Nexus products use a unique patented process to produce a true structurall lamella board with optimal fire, thermal and acoustic performance. Specifiers and building owners can then be certain these products will continue to perform after insulation, offering the best environmental conditions for those living and working in buildings, and to reliably protect in the event of fire.


For further information about SIDERISE or for technical advice visit, call 01656 730833 or visit SIDERISE on stand A196 at FIREX 2018.