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Silentwall :
Easily installed, perfect soundproofing

Enjoy acoustic comfort

In today’s hectic world, peace and quiet are valuable commodities. After a busy work day, we want to relax in peace. However, we also love music, without wanting to bother the neighbours, of course.

That’s why specifying the right acoustic insulation solution is so important. It ensures optimal acoustic comfort and keeps homeowners and neighbours happy.

By choosing Recticel Insulation as a partner for your projects, you benefit from our long-standing skills and expertise. Together we’ll select the perfect solution for your project.

Silentwall provides the ideal solution to airborne sound

Silentwall panels produce a notable acoustic improvement. These acoustic insulation panels consist of a combination of fibres and recycled polyurethane foam and are very easy to apply. Silentwall acoustic insulation panels are designed to improve the sound insulation of partition walls. The panels use interior walls to reduce airborne sound. Thanks to Silentwall, we can all relax undisturbed or turn up the volume without worrying about housemates or neighbours.

Noise pollution is a thing of the past thanks to Silentwall
“I’m completely convinced by Silentwall. Applying the insulation panels is easy and fast. Cutting down the panels, working out corners and edges, glue-up: none of this is a problem. Most important of all: I’m guaranteed a satisfied end user,” says Maxime Durassier, professional installer

Why opt for Silentwall?

• Silentwall is easily glued and applied.
• Thanks to Silentwall, you experience less annoying sound transmission.

Significant reduction in sound transmission:

Using Silentwall, you will experience a sound reduction of up to -60%, which amounts to a reduction of 12 decibels
(= Δ Rw sound reduction).

Technical specifications:

• Thickness 40mm
• Available in the following dimensions: 2600 x 1200 mm / 2500 x 600 mm / 1200 x 600 mm
• Sound reduction: Δ Rw = 12 dB *
• Thermal conductivity (λ): 0.037 W/mK
• Refer to the product data sheet for all Silentwall features

Silentwall is manufactured from recycled materials for a very low environmental impact. The composition and
(colour) structure may vary without negatively influencing the technical performance.

* tested in combination with 18mm plasterboard

Silentwall: easy installation

Silentwall acoustic insulation panels are suitable for application to all interior walls. Silentwall is easily glued and must then be covered with plasterboard of at least 12.5mm thick to comply with fire safety requirements. Installation using glue is quick and reduces sound transmission compared to other installation materials and methods.

Please note: Always apply glue in a well-ventilated area.

For optimal results, only use the Recticel glue supplied for acoustic insulation panels to apply Silentwall panels.

Please see online for full installation instructions. Use appropriate personal protective equipment when installing Silentwall insulation panels.

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