A major new high-rise development in Manchester, Deansgate Square, features four residential towers and more than 1500 apartments. To meet the passive fire protection requirements throughout this luxury development SIDERISE, leaders in the development of fire, thermal and acoustics insulation solution, its provided perimeter barriers and firestops for installation as part of the curtain walling systems.

Set to become a catalyst for future development in the southern edge of the city, the SimpsonHaugh designed development being delivered by developer Renaker, includes four towers. The tallest tower – at 67 storeys and almost 200m high – will be the second highest residential tower in the UK. The other towers will stand at 53, 47 and 40 storeys high. As part of the façade design of the 183,000m2 development, façade installer Focchi Limited turned to SIDERISE and its extensive and proven range of fire-stopping insulation products.


The four towers are clad with a fully glazed unitized curtain walling system in a geometric composition. In order to seal the gap between this external curtain walling system and the floor slab whilst maintaining continuity of fire resistance, SIDERISE provided their certified CW-FS Curtain Wall Fire Stop System.


Focchi is installing SIDERISE CW-FS 120 firestops throughout the development. As well as being an effective seal against the passage of fire and smoke, they will also function as an effective acoustic barrier and plenum lining.


“We are a strong advocate of SIDERISE fire barriers due to their third party testing and the technical support we receive from the company. This has led us to using them on many previous projects,” said Dave Brown, Project Director at Focchi. “The SIDERISE fire barriers have the flexibility to deal with site tolerances and deflection, and offer our installers ease of installation.”


Whilst specifying the correct product is vital, the quality of installation of a life-safety critical product is equally as important. Throughout the application, the SIDERISE Inspection and Reporting App provided Focchi with an efficient way to effectively inspect, record and seamlessly audit the quality of the installation of the fire stops. By capturing the relevant information on a tablet device, the contractor was able to highlight any issues in need of a resolution.


The App allows the user to easily update data input fields, capture multiple photos for each area or element inspected and then record as in accordance with recommendations, or otherwise.  A comprehensive report is immediately generated which effectively offers feedback on the quality of installation of the areas inspected as in, or not in, accordance with recommendations, thereby identifying areas that require remedial treatment.


The SIDERISE Inspection and Reporting App is part of a comprehensive range of services from the company’s site services team which ensures that each stage of a project, from product selection to final installation, runs smoothly.


Currently under construction, this groundbreaking new high-rise development in Manchester’s city centre is set for completion in 2020.


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Notes to Editors

Notes to Editors:

The Siderise Group

The Siderise Group is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation products, and has been for over 40 years.

The Group has two factories based in Maesteg, Wales and Hadleigh, Suffolk, and operates across 11 global sectors. The SIDERISE product ranges have become trusted throughout the facades, construction, marine, automotive and other OEM industries.

The Group is committed to the use of innovative materials and the development of designs, products and technologies for a more sustainable future. In 1991 the Siderise Group developed a unique method of mineral wool manufacture, the patented ‘HSL process’. This process gives firestopping and other products a robustness and simplicity of design that meets all functional performance requirements and facilitates superior product installation. This unique design has positioned the Group’s firestopping solution as the UK’s No.1 for the curtain walling industry for over 25 years.

The Group’s sale and distribution activities are prevalent in Ireland, across Europe, the Middle East, India and South East Asia.

The SIDERISE/Lamatherm brands

SIDERISE was established in Surrey in 1972 as a distributor of acoustic materials. The product ranges initially comprised stonewool mineral materials, acoustic foams, heavy layer barriers and damping materials. SIDERISE opened its first manufacturing facility in 1979 which specialised in the processing of mineral wool materials.

As the company evolved three brands were developed in recognition of the growing product ranges: Lamatherm to represent fire safe and thermal insulation; Lamaphon for acoustic insulation; Lamapro for specialist insulation solutions that catered to diverse industries such as HVAC, marine, rail, automotive and power generation.

Whilst the Lamatherm, Lamaphon and Lamapro brands still remain well-known to date, in 2013, in response to continued growth in the overseas markets, the Siderise Group decided to unify its products under a single brand name ‘SIDERISE’. As a consequence, the company started a product reclassification programme prefixing product names with ‘SIDERISE’ to replace the traditional 'Lamatherm', 'Lamaphon' and 'Lamapro' names.