Product description

Curtain Wall 65-EF is a cost efficient curtain wall system for element façades with unique slender aesthetics, without compromising the extreme strength and stability required in high-rise constructions.

The typical characteristics of the unitised façade result in high execution speed on the building site, as its components are completely pre-assembled in the workshop. This high productivity embraces architectural aesthetics as the CW 65-EF works with slender profiles of only 65 mm.

CW 65-EF curtan wall meets the highest performance requirements in water- and air tightness and wind load resistance. The curtain wall system is available in different insulation levels, answering to the appropriate insulating requirement of the building. It also offers the possibility to integrate triple glazing.

CW 65-EF is available in two glazing variants, with unique aesthetical features: Cassette Glazing (CG) - this variant holds the glass using glazing beads, while the glass of the Structural Glazing (SG) variant is structurally bonded, offering a complete glass surface on the buildings exterior.

CW 65-EF can integrate various opening elements, such as a top hung and parallel opening windows.

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