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The first system introduced in the UK for thick walled steel pipes, Megapress is Viega’s carbon steel press fitting system that offers a fast, effective alternative to traditional methods such as welding. A highly effective pressing method, Megapress connections can be made in less than seven seconds – helping to achieve a 60% reduction in installation time.

Compatible with heating and cooling systems, the Viega Megapress system is an effective tool for pressing pipework. This achieves a cleaner and safer method of connection and avoids the need for oils, heavy threading equipment or open flames. The simple to use pressing tool means that even difficult installations such as overhead pipework can be completed safely and effectively.

The Megapress connectors feature a special profile-sealing element that encompasses the pipe in three places at the same time guaranteeing a leak-proof connection - even with coarse and uneven surfaces. This unique seal makes it possible to press seamless, welded, galvanised, industrially varnished epoxy resin-coated and black steel pipes with one and the same connector and crucially – does not compromise the integrity of the pipe.

In addition, the pressing tool is supplied in a practical case, which includes three press jaws (½”, ⅜” and 1”), three press rings for nominal widths of 1¼” to 2” and hinged press jaws, to carry out press connections in restricted spaces.

For further reliability, the Megapress system ensures accurate testing through Viega’s groundbreaking SC-Contur technology, proven to deliver a 100% positive leak if the fitting is inadvertently unpressed – clearly discernible during leakage testing or when the system is filled for the first time. Ensuring a reliable method of detecting these issues early in the process is absolutely critical, helping to avoid costly remedial work after the project is completed.

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