Product description



  • High acoustic performance
  • Thin and flexible
  • Reduces ‘coincidence dip’
  • Low cost unsupported option
  • Inherent fire resistance
  • Low odour


An acoustic barrier designed to improve the sound insulation value of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic, GRP, etc. It is particularly effective in reducing the effect of coincidence dip resonance found in these stiff, lightweight materials.

Additionally SIDERISE BM0050 Acoustic Barrier Mat may be used:

on its own as a flexible void closure material; in sandwich constructions between boards
as a membrane in frequency selective sound absorbers
as an overlay treatment to materials or constructions with perforations or minor gaps resulting in potential sound leakage
as part of an acoustic composite yielding improved Sound Reduction Index (SRI).
Note: This product was previously known as Lamaphon BM0050 acoustic barrier mat.