Creating a contemporary entrance befitting the transformed Power Road Studios in Chiswick, TORMAX worked with IDF Aluminium Ltd to provide invisible automation to two sets of automatic glass swing doors.  Located in sealed casings beneath the floor, the TORMAX iMotion 1401 operators deliver unparalleled reliability, requiring minimal maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free lifespan.


Power Road Studios is a creative campus that comprises of five, multi-let studio buildings.  The bright, loft-style workspaces retain the architectural features of their warehouse origins and include a communal courtyard and onsite café.  The remodelled entrance creates a new gateway into the scheme, joining the individual studios to encourage a more collaborative environment.  The space between the two sets of swing doors acts as a functional lobby that helps maintain the ambient temperature of the staffed reception area.


In-house designed at the TORMAX HQ in Switzerland, the complete range of advanced iMotion door operators have none of the parts that usually wear out, such as gears and brushes.  This unique design feature significantly extends the lifespan of the operator as well as delivers outstanding reliability, even in busy locations.


“Our iMotion range of door operators really are second to none,” confirms Simon Roberts, md for TORMAX.  “The fact that the powerful synchronous motor has been cleverly designed with no abrading parts to cause friction wear, significantly reduces maintenance and repair requirements making it entirely viable to situate the 1401 in steel boxes in the floor.”


In addition to creating a truly minimalist entrance, the iMotion 1401 operator is also ideal for heritage locations where the architectural integrity of the building must be maintained.   Concealed beneath the threshold, automation really is invisible, combining the convenience of an automatic door within a traditional-style entrance.


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