Product description

Energy efficiency is becoming more of a focus, which means thermal performance of ground floors is key in sustainable design criteria and specifications. Thermal Rockfloor® delivers energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate for building occupants.


The ROCKWOOL ROCKFLOOR® range is a tissue faced, high compressive insulation slab made from mineral stone wool insulation. Thermal ROCKFLOOR® has been designed with Part L (Thermal) regulations in mind, the dual density insulation has excellent thermal properties.


The unique dual density structure of Thermal ROCKFLOOR® means it can be laid over slightly uneven subfloors. The lower density absorbs imperfections and the high-density layer provides a strong point load resistance.


Thermal ROCKFLOOR® is an ideal high-performance mineral wool insulation for ground floors to provide occupants with optimum thermal comfort. The thermal properties of the insulation make it an economical solution for conserving heat in dwellings.



CE Marked


  • ROCKFLOOR® boards are easy to handle and fit, keeping the time spent fitting the layer to a minimum.
  • Sub-floor imperfections are absorbed by the dual density layers, creating a neat and level finish.
  • Thermal ROCKFLOOR® can be placed over or under the over site slab dependant on the project.
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