Product description

The rising cost of energy bills is putting thermal performance ever higher on the home owner’s agenda. ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Slab provides unmatched fire resistance and insulation for residential extensions and renovations, protecting families and homes, as well as keeping energy bills to a minimum.


Made from stone wool, ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Slab is an exceptional fire-resistant insulation, achieving the very highest Euroclass classification of A1 non-combustible. The slabs feature the patented ROCKWOOL ‘FLEXI’ edge, so are easy to handle and install. Thermal Insulation Slab is water repellent, but also vapour permeable, which allows it to breathe, preventing potentially damaging moisture build up, which can cause rot and mould.

The ROCKWOOL Thermal Insulation Slab will not sag or slump over time to deliver long term thermal performance. The insulation is a robust fire resistant and thermal insulation solution for residential extensions and renovations, as well as use in lofts.



CE Marked


  • Excellent Thermal performance – thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK
  • With a Euroclass rating of A1 non-combustible, Thermal Insulation Slab delivers the highest levels of fire resistance.
  • The patented FLEXI® edge offers an accurate fit for all widths, overcoming problems with cold spots and acoustics that are associated with other types of insulation
    Water repellent and vapor permeable, helping to resist rot and mould