Product description

ROCKWOOL’s SP FireStop System is a purpose-made solution for cavity fire stopping. Forming part of the system, the SP/XL FireStop Fixing Brackets play an important role in securing the fire prevention slabs, when used in cladding, curtain walling and masonry wall cavities.


The ROCKWOOL SP FireStop System has been created to maintain essential fire compartmentation. As a one-piece system, it is designed to form cavity fire stops within buildings and provide critical resistance. The slabs form part of a special fireproof insulation solution offering a unique lateral compression to facilitate a close fit between substrates within masonry or curtain wall constructions. ROCKWOOL SP/XL FireStop Fixing Brackets are supplied for cavity widths up to 600mm. The brackets are supplied in cardboard boxes of 50 pieces, flat packed and designed to be easily re-profiled by hand during construction. To ensure compliance with the fire test certification, SP/XL FireStop Fixing Bracket must be used to install the product as they are specifically designed to maintain the 2 hours fire resistance in cavities up to 600m. The ROCKWOOL SP/XL FireStop Fixing Brackets can be re-profiled by hand and cut as necessary to allow at least 75% penetration of the fire stop material. This is when the SP FireStop Slabs are cut on site, with a sharp knife or saw and a straight edge. The SP/XL FireStop Fixing Brackets should be placed as shown in the technical datasheet or fixed by other suitable mechanical means.


  • Multiple use – the SP FireStop System is suitable for a wide variety of purposes including within masonry constructions, curtain walling systems and large cavity voids.
  • Easy on-site use – the SP/XL FireStop Fixing Brackets are designed to be re-profiled by hand, during construction.
  • Flexible - the SP FireStop System may be installed horizontally or vertically and is suitable for cavity widths between 50mm and 600mm. SP Firestop can also be used horizontally in cavity widths up to 1000mm. Please contact ROCKWOOL Technical Solutions for fire resistance ratings in voids over 600mm wide.
  • Up to 2 hours fire resistance – the SP/XL Firestop Fixing Brackets contribute to the system’s significant protection against fire, including the passage of smoke.
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