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Acoustic solutions, acoustic insulation, noise reduction, sound absorption

Product description

The most versatile acoustic panels available

Quietstone Light is a rigid, durable panel made from recycled glass. The panels are suitable for interior and exterior uses especially where an element of impact resistance is required. Quietstone Light can be pigmented or treated with a range of finishes to suit your individual requirements. As well as being a magnificent sound absorbing product our acoustic panels are non combustible, chemically inert and non fibrous. Panels are either mechanically fixed with screws or detailed fixings or bonded with our tile adhesive. As we manufacture Quietstone Light we have a range of sizes available including custom options.They are supplied in pre-cut sizes, but can be easily cut or shaped on site.

As the developer and manufacturer we can produce panels to meet your specification, application and budget. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. For suitable projects we offer a free acoustic survey and quote.

Quietstone Light is made from recycled glass. This also means that like many of our products they have a low carbon footprint and can contribute towards improving the sustainability of a project and increase the BREEAM rating for new buildings.

  • Benefits

    • Sound Absorbing
    • Durable
    • Weather resistant
    • Tested toBS EN 354:2003
    • Light weight
    • Non combustible
    • Available in standard or custom sizes
    • Impact resistant
    • Can be mechanically fitted or bonded to a substrate
    • Sustainable
    • Long lifespan
    • Easily worked on site
    • Cost effective
    • Can be coated with acoustic plaster or fabric to change the aesthetic qualities
    • Non fibrous
    • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes
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