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Acoustic solutions, acoustic insulation, noise reduction, sound absorption

Product description

Acoustic Plaster absorbs sound and reduces reverberation in a room.

Quietspray Acoustic Plaster is one of the best acoustic treatments on the market. It can be applied to the ceiling area of a room where it absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. This seamless acoustic ceiling improves the clarity of sound, making it an ideal solution for theatres, schools, conference facilities and other spaces where good acoustics is important.

This complete system is the perfect way to improve your building design. It enables the creation of a clean, fresh appearance with excellent acoustic qualities.

The Quietspray system is our very own Quietstone Light boards together with acoustic plaster. This specially formulated acoustic plaster is developed specifically to be applied to Quietstone Light boards.

Most acoustic ceiling systems are in a grid system. Quietstone manufacture and supply high performance acoustic ceiling panels ideal for use in such a grid system. Our seamless acoustic ceiling system is finished with acoustic plaster which gives a completely seamless finish thus transforming the aesthetes in your room.

  • Benefits

    • Quietstone Light is made from recycled glass which means our seamless system is an excellent way to improve BREEM credits.
    • Our system also offers thermal insulation with a class 0 fire rating.
    • This system is perfect for modern architecture and traditional building alike.
    • Quietspray System – Acoustic Plaster on Quietstone Light Boards
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