Product description

Many combustible pipe systems are often retro-fitted through compartment walls and floors. Failure to protect combustible pipes can leave open voids through walls and floors in the event of a fire. ROCKWOOL has expertly developed Firestop Pipe Collars offer the most cutting-edge fire protection to ensure voids left by combustible services are made safe. 


ROCKWOOL Firestop Pipe Collars consist of a corrosion resistant powder coated steel sleeve, developed to be the most modern fire defence for combustible pipes. Sturdy yet versatile, these pipe collars contain a flexible graphite-based intumescent liner which allows them to be suitable for even the most complex plastic pipe systems. Each sleeve comes with integral togglers that are opened up and fitted around the plastic pipe, allowing great adjustability for pipe sizes from 55 – 355mm O.D. Once the sleeve is adjusted, close the toggles again and the collar will be pushed up to the wall or floor and then fastened into place with fire-resistant fixings which are threaded through the tabs. Maximum fire protection integrity of Firestop Pipe Collars is determined in accordance to the substrate, so if two hours' fire-resistance is required, the substrate should be rated to no less than the collar.



ROCKWOOL Pipe Collars fully comply to BS476: Part 20 (1987) standards.

IFC approved


  • Maximum protection – ROCKWOOL Firestop Pipe Collars offer 4 hours of fire resistance.
  • Compatible for use with multiple types of plastic pipes
  • Water resistance – don’t fear rain, leakages or floods, our product is resistant against water.
  • Zero maintenance – these pipe collars require no ancillaries, which makes it a cost-effective solution to fire prevention