Product description

Fire often poses a threat in destructing cables passing through fire-rated floors and walls, which can be great expense to replace. ROCKWOOL Multi Cable Firestop expertly seals and protects within cable trays and trunking to ensure that even in case of a fire, wires will remain intact and unharmed.


Professionally constructed from a compressive fire-resistant foam, the Multi Cable Firestop is laminated on each side with a graphite-based intumescent polymer. By being made from foam, the ROCKWOOL Multi Cable Firestop gives a flexible shape in which wires can easily be added or removed from protection. Part of the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO© line of products, this cable protection is supplied in sections that can be easily cut to fit the cable tray or trunking, making it a simple solution to fire protection as the purchaser can install this product themselves. Created from expert technology, this fire protection will not compromise power, so cables will not need to be de-rated. For best results, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing this product.



ROCKWOOL Multi Cable Firestop complies with BS476: Part 20 (1987) standards.

IFC Certified


  • Maximum protection – ROCKWOOL Multi Cable Firestop offers 4 hours of fire resistance, creating a lasting protection against cable damage.
  • Upholds a dry system – this product works effectively in conjunction for construction that does not possess a sprinkler system as a fire preventative.
  • No de-rating of cables – cables do not need to be operated at less than their maximum power for the firestop to be effective.
  • Zero maintenance – ROCKWOOL Multi Cable Firestop requires no ancillaries, which makes it a cost-effective solution to fire prevention.