Product description

Many combustible pipe systems are often retro-fitted through walls and floors, compromising the fire performance of the compartment. By providing three benefits in one product, ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves go above and beyond, offering pipe systems excellent fire, thermal and noise insulation.


ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves possess a unique combination of stone wool and graphite intumescent to create thermal and fire insulation that can be trusted. When exposed to fire, these firestopping sleeves will expand and seal the gaps between surrounding pipework or construction. As part of the highly acclaimed ROCKWOOL FIREPRO© range, this product comes in a wide range of sizes to be suitable for all applications, with the 300mm-long insulated fire sleeve being perfect to protect all steel and copper pipework, and compatible with most plastic trunking.



Complies with BS 476: Part 20 standards. / Acoustically tested and shown to deliver Rw 59 dB. CE marked and IFC approved.

  • Maximum protection - ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves offer 2 hours of fire resistance, creating a lasting protection against fire and smoke passage.
  • Vapour barrier guard - thermal protection is ensured by an integral vapour barrier in the Fire Sleeves which prevents condensation forming on cold pipework, as well as heat loss from hot pipes.
  • Shielding spaces from unwanted noise – limiting sound from noisy pipework, this product is acoustic insulating.
  • Zero maintenance – ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves require no ancillaries, which makes it a cost-effective solution to fire prevention.