Product description

Service lines can often present a challenge when it comes to fire protection as they are often installed towards the end of a site programme and can compromise existing firestopping. The High Expansion Intumescent Sealant solves this problem. An easy to use solvent, this product is ideal for protecting both combustible and non-combustible pipes, among other permanent services.


ROCKWOOL High Expansion Intumescent Sealant is a water-based solvent that contains an acrylic emulsion with graphite, making it the perfect solution to sealing various penetrations.  Maximum fire protection of service lines is ensured once the sealant reaches temperatures of 135°C and above, where it will expand and block any crevices to stop the passage of smoke and fire. Not only does this product have flexible use but has a great suitability for a range of surfaces. With the ability to cover damp wood, plaster or brick, ROCKWOOL High Expansion Intumescent Sealant has huge suitability as long as the surfaces are not running wet. After application, some shrinkage will occur so for a complete full finish, apply this product generously.



Fully tested to EN 1366-3 & 4 standards and classified to EN 13501.

CE marked for extra security.

IFC, FBC, LUL and certifier approved.


  • Maximum protection – ROCKWOOL High Expansion Intumescent Sealant offers 4 hours of fire resistance in joints up to 30mm, creating a lasting protection against fire and smoke passage.
  • Super versatile – this sealant can be used to protect various permanent services, such as single cables, bunches and insulated pipes.
  • All-around suitability - appropriate for LUL surfaces and sub surface premises but must be installed in accordance to ROCKWOOL guidelines.
  • Zero maintenance – this High Expansion Intumescent Sealant requires no ancillaries, which makes it a cost-effective solution to fire protection.