Product description

Maintaining roof surfaces is crucial for the protection of property, both in commercial and domestic settings. HARDROCK® Multi-fix Recovery Board has been specifically designed for flat roof refurbishments as an aesthetically pleasing fire-resistant insulation.


HARDROCK® Multi-fix Recovery Board is manufactured with a coated fibre glass fleece, which when used for adhered membranes, forms a secure bond between the membrane and roof insulation, limiting the amount of adhesive and other ancillaries required.


Developed for use on flat roof refurbishment projects, HARDROCK® Multi-fix Recovery Board can be used in conjunction with all common flat roof membranes, including; single-ply, EPDM, bitumen and liquid membrane systems.


The recovery board can be installed on commercial and domestic flat roofs and can be applied directly on top of the existing roof membrane, easily overcoming any imperfections on the in-situ external finish, making it he perfect solution for refurbishment projects.



CE marked


  • Can be easily applied using adhesive or mechanically fixed depending on suitability.
  • HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board has excellent heat resistance which is ideal for applications with bitumen systems.
  • As a single solution, it is compatible with all common roof coverings.
  • Acoustic properties reduce external noise ingress into the building via the roof.
  • CE marked, for assurance of conformity with health, safety and environmental protection.
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