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It’s the bond that joins together, through thick and thin. A fire resistant adhesive is an essential resource for all builds, ensuring that if the temperature rises, materials will hold steady against fire risk. FIREPRO® Glue has been specially developed for fixing ROCKWOOL fire protection systems.


This specially created water-based and fire resistant adhesive with an approximate pH 11 is supplied in 17 kg plastic tubs. It has been specially developed for fixing ROCKWOOL fire protection systems as well as other suitable ROCKWOOL products where a high quality, fire resistant adhesive is required. Demonstrating its durability to withstand a wide range of temperature, the use of FIREPRO® Glue is not limited to certain temperatures. For example frost exposure does not remove curing ability - it has been tested when applied to surfaces with temperatures of -10°C and upwards. The setting times of glue in moist air conditions is approximately 6-8 hours if the temperature is above freezing point, or in approximately 1 hour at 20°C. FIREPRO® Glue must always be stirred before use to ensure a uniform product consistency. It is then easily applied using a pallet knife or trowel before pressing surfaces together.



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  • Easy to apply – just make sure that the FIREPRO® Glue has been sufficiently stirred to ensure a smooth application.
  • Adaptable - FIREPRO® Glue can be used effectively in a range of temperatures, making it the perfect fire resistant adhesive for a wide range of builds. The temperature of FIREPRO® glue must be 5°C or more when applied to surfaces at lower temperatures.
  • Quick drying – it sets in as little as four hours, ensuring that programme deadlines can stay on track.
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