Product description

Insulating ductwork can be beneficial for reducing thermal transmission as well as protecting the structures in the event of a fire which can amount to costly damages. ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab can provide up to 2-hours’ fire resistance to ductwork through fire rated walls and floors. 


FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab is composed of high density, non-combustible mineral wool insulation, finished with a high emissivity black foil facing. FIREPRO® Glue and high performance Black Aluminium Foil Tape are available for sealing all joint boards. The ROCKWOOL DuctRock® slabs are readily available in three thicknesses, are easy to handle and simple to install. The slabs can be installed using stud welded pins, steel washers and FIREPRO® Glue, and are easy to cut with a hand saw or circular/table saw.


DuctRock® Slab is capable of achieving fire resistance up to EI 120, up to 2-hours’ fire protection for rectangular ventilation and smoke extract ducts. The solution is typically used in commercial and industrial settings through fire rated walls and floors.



DuctRock Slab has been tested in accordance with BS EN 1366-1 for ventilation ducts and BS EN 1366-8 for smoke extract ducts


  • Fire resistance up to 2 hours for ventilation and smoke extract  ducts
  • Comprehensively tested on both vertical and horizontal ducts through fire rated walls and floors.
  • The versatility of FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab means it can be used across a wide range of duct types.
  • The high quality black foil finish offers additional design freedom and identifies the product as the BS EN tested solution.
  • FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab has a patented dry-wall penetration detail.