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Elliott Offsite Solutions specialise in permanent structure design and build solutions. Unlike many Offsite providers, we can manage your whole project from start to finish. That means acting as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, taking on responsibility for planning, monitoring and managing of Health and Safety throughout to meet CDM Regulations.

Retaining control of projects means we can ensure that the benefits of offsite construction are fully realised, rather than leaching away through the supply-chain. Fewer parties involved allows faster, easier decision-making to match the speed and quality control advantages of factory production. Communication is more effective, like offsite’s design flexibility. And the building programme is simplified, so it’s easier to ensure on-time on-budget completion.

Combine our project management capability with our building solution design expertise and you have a compelling offsite construction case instead of traditional build. The aesthetic design of temporary modular buildings is restricted by the need to relocate and re-use them, and the need to minimise costs. Elliott Offsite Solutions don’t have these restrictions.

Elliott Offsite Solutions structures use a specialist frame construction or volumetric modules, depending on the size of the building and how bespoke the customer specification. Buildings can be XX storeys high and unlimited in size.

Design features are tailored to the specification, so the finished look is indistinguishable from a traditional building. That means a range of roofing types – gable, hip, mansard, saltbox, or pyramid.  A choice of claddings – brick-slip, timber or metal. And many glazing possibilities  – Glazed links, corner windows, celestory windows, glass balustrades, curtain walling and atriums.

Elliott Offsite Solutions has an enviable track record of creating structures in all commercial, industrial, retail and public construction sectors. It is an approved supplier to Education and Healthcare procurement frameworks.

Elliott also specialises in drive-through (thru) retail solutions for leading fast-food franchises and forecourt shops for major supermarkets.

Choose Offsite. Choose Elliott Offsite Solutions.

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