Product description

Structural steel and cellular sections of a build require the most robust, durable fire resistant insulation to combat the wide variety of site, mixed trade and climatic conditions.The ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® System provides a complete ‘tool-box’ of fire protection options, catering for the diversity of modern steel construction.


The BEAMCLAD® systems have been created as a fire resistant insulation for steel builds. Offering contractors a simple and cost effective fire protection solution, the mineral wool insulation has been specially designed to suit steel construction, including structural and soffit protection. Benefitting from a wide variety of installation methods, ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® boards can be fitted to provide dry joint solutions offering up to 2 hours fire protection, featuring a unique dry clip fixing system, or glued solutions where extended protection up to 4 hours is required. The flexible scope of options ensures it is also easy to maintain.As well as providing essential fire resistance, the stone wool fibres of ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® boards are moisture repellent being randomly oriented to prevent any tendency to promote capillary action or hygroscopic moisture absorption.



Non-combustible: Euroclass A1

LPCB Certificate

LUL Approved


  • Variety of fixing methods – the BEAMCLAD® System is  suitable for dry, glued joint, pin and noggin fixing.
  • Up to 4 hours fire protection – providing high resilience when used as a glued solution.
  • Durable - ROCKWOOL BEAMCLAD® is manufactured primarily from a melt of volcanic rock and limestone. The molten rock is spun into a wool and immediately impregnated with special resins for handling and shaping. The material is then compressed, cured and formed into boards.
  • Quick and simple to apply – because the fix solutions are a dry process, no masked off areas are required which keeps site disruption to a minimum during installation.
  • A choice of three finishes - ROCKWOOL boards are available with facings of glass tissue and reinforced aluminium foil as well as a plain product.
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